Subscriptions and supplies

TerraCycle Home offers subscription packages to fit any need. Throwing a party or cleaning out your kids’ room? You can always purchase Zero Waste Bags on-demand.

Step 1: Select your pickup frequency.

Monthly pickup Twice-monthly pickup

Step 2: Select your subscription length.

(Tip: 6- and 12-month subscriptions come with bonus Zero Waste Bags.)

1-Month Intro

Regular price

  • 1 Small Zero Waste Bag
  • 1 Large Zero Waste Bag
  • Auto-renews to 3-Month Subscription

3-Month Subscription

Regular price

  • 3 Small Zero Waste Bags
  • 3 Large Zero Waste Bags
  • 1 Porch Collection Bin

6-Month Subscription

Regular price

  • 6 Small Zero Waste Bags + 2 Bonus = 8 Total
  • 6 Large Zero Waste Bags + 2 Bonus = 8 Total
  • 1 Porch Collection Bin

12-Month Subscription

Regular price

  • 12 Small Zero Waste Bags + 5 Bonus = 17 Total
  • 12 Large Zero Waste Bags + 4 Bonus = 16 Total
  • 1 Porch Collection Bin

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If you need extra Zero Waste Bags and pickups for a party, spring cleaning, or other event, you can purchase them below.

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